Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy Birthday My Dear Nurdhaniah Insyirah

Genting 2009

Penang 2008

Cameron 2007

Langkawi 2006 at Cactus Rest (Uncle La's place)

Raya 2006

Besdei Celebration 2009

Today is Kakak’s Birthday…. We had celebrated in advance on 1st June 2009 at my mum’s place together with our anniversaries (mine and adiks2)…

Insya ALLAH if ada budget lebih … boleh celebrate lagi with Ayah, Atuk and Nenek… insya allah ye kakak….

To my dear Daughter,

Happy 8th Birthday…Ibu loves you sooo much!!! hope that you enjoyed your gift that will be presentted by OPAH.....

I just have these photos of her in my desktop…. Enjoyssss…


Kay said...

On behalf of Syera,
"Terima Kasih Ibu..
Kakak sygggg Ibu.."

Syima said...

Happy Birthday Syera!!! Alhamdulillah Eta, Allah has blessed you with such a wonderful and beautiful daughter. Kejap jer kan masa berlalu. Dah 8 tahun anak dara you.